Carriers in aluminium nitride (AIN)

We can offer deliveries of the substrates of aluminum nitride (AlN) with the 99% (N – 33,87) content  of AlN. Currently the products with the following standard dimensions are available:

Ser. No. External dimensions mm.
1 101.6*101.6*0.635
2 101.6*101.6*0.38

We can supply nitride carriers in other sizes on request.
Laser cutting of carriers, slots and laser drilling of openings is also possible. Prices are dependent upon the quantity ordered. In order to obtain specific prices please contact us by e-mail at   

The main properties of these carriers are listed in the table below. You can also familiarize yourself with surface performances of the carriers supplied:

Test area Properties tested Test results
Basic properties
Color Grey
Water absorption 0%
Density 3.31-3.33×103 g/cm3
Surface finish 0.3~0.5μm
Surface parallelism 0.03~0.04(~/25)
Thermal properties Thermal conductivity 170-190W/m·K
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion 4.6×10-6/℃(20C-300C)
Temperature resistance Within the range  from 20°C to 1800°C - good
Melting point 2400°C
Mechanical properties Bending strength 320-330 MPa
Dynamical modulus of elasticity 320-330 MPa
Mohs hardness 8
Dielectric properties Dielectric constant 9.0 (1MHz 25C)
Dispersion coefficient 3.8×10-4 (1MHz 25C)
Dielectric strength 17KV/mm
Specific resistivity >1013Ω.cm
Micro structure Micro structure Grain size – from 4 to 5 microns, without open pores
Chemical properties Water erosion resistance Immersion in water at room temperature for 30 days had no effect
Acid erosion resistance Immersion in boiling sulphuric acid resulted in a slow dissolving
Alkali erosion resistance Immersion in boiling sulphuric acid resulted in a slow dissolving

Surface properties 

Designation of property Value of property
Inclusions of foreign materials or particles on the surface Max. 0.5 mm diameter, max. 0.025 mm high
Hole Max. 0.25 mm diameter, max. 0.18 mm deep
Cavity Max.0.2 mm diameter
Indentation Max.0.3 mm diameter
Closed pores Max.0.025 mm
Scratches Max. 0.018 mm deep, 0.18 mm wide
Burrs, projections Max.0.025 mm high
Chips Max. 0.76 mm along the edge; max. 0.5 mm in other cases
Cracks Not allowed