In addition to manufacturing products in various types of ceramics we are also involved in finishing them. We are able to carry out the following tasks on request:

  • Surface grinding of products (straight as well as curved surfaces);
  • Surface polishing of products (external as well as internal surfaces);
  • Application of a glaze on specific surfaces;
  • Application of metallization to facilitate subsequent soldering of products;
  • Soldering of products (where drawings and technical specification of products to be joined are available);
  • Joining of products of differing materials using adhesives. The adhesive used does not volatilize when heated in vacuum.

In individual cases we are also able to machine products by laser (cutting, creating openings, scoring).

Several products are listed in the table below to provide you with an overview of the degree of manufacturing precision achieved and our pricing*:

Designation Material Drawing of product Photograph of product Quantity / units Price in EUR

C 795 compliant to IEC 60672-3

5 000 1.1
Sleeves for tubular electric heaters 100 000 0.04
Sleeve (Connector)
10 000 0.48

* This pricing information does not constitute an offer. Prices of products are dependent upon the quantity ordered, production plant utilization and the current market situation.

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