Grinding media, beads and balls

We supply ceramics for rough working conditions where a higher wear resistance is required, for example various shapes of lining stones and "covers."

Ceramics are well-known extremely hard and wear-resistant materials. For grinding and polishing the surface of oxide-ceramic products, diamond, the hardest material in the world, is used along with its man-made analogues (boron carbide, silicon carbide, boron nitride). No other materials are suitable for this purpose. That is why ceramics are exceptionally good for manufacturing lining stones for lining the insides of the mill drums. Such drums are used for manufacturing cement and for milling various materials or rocks, by utilizing the weight of the materials themselves as the drum rotates    

The oxide ceramic "protective covers" (in simple as well as complex shapes) are utilized for the moving parts used for the milling process which are normally made of metal. They are located above the metal parts to protect them against wear and premature failure.

We also supply alumina (Al2O3) and zirconia ceramics (ZrO2) for filling the interior of grinding drums. As a rule the grinding media consists of balls of various sizes. We are able to manufacture on the basis of your drawings and specifications.

Grinding media are needed for preparatory processes in the ceramics industry as well as other branches of industry, for reducing raw materials including grinding materials (for example for manufacturing cement). The interior of the grinding drum is lined with grinding media.