We supply products in steatite based on your own drawings.

Steatite is a material which is utilized in high voltage engineering and high frequency technology and which is unique for its dielectric strength and temperature resistance. Low firing shrinkage facilitates the manufacture of small parts with precise geometries, without the need for further processing.

Steatite is used for various applications in electrical engineering - including plates for dry-type transformers, individual rings, lamp bases, fuse holders, thermostat and rheostat housings, resistor substrates, terminal strips, as well as bases for various pieces of equipment and components in energetics and electrical engineering. 

The excellent dielectric and mechanical properties of Steatite, one of the best materials for electrical and heat engineering, allow almost any shape or design of product to be manufactured.


Electrotechnical porcelain

We supply products in electrotechnical porcelain based on your own drawings.

Electrotechnical porcelain is the dielectric medium utilized for high and low voltage transmission lines and in the production of a variety of electrical engineering equipment. It is the forerunner of technical ceramics and has retained its significant status to the present day. It is the basic ceramic material used in the production of isolators and other insulating elements.

Why does electrical engineering still remain the predominant area of application for this material? This is because electrotechnical porcelain has extremely good dielectric properties, even at elevated temperatures (stability at temperatures up to 1000°C) and wet conditions. Furthermore it is corrosion resistant and non-ageing. It is used for myriad quantities of bases and fittings in lighting technology, for electrical installations and isolators. The raw material for production is readily available and production technology relatively simple.

Thanks to its chemical resistance, porcelain is an irreplaceable material in the chemical industry too. Good examples here are the Raschig and Pall rings, which have attained great popularity.