Ceramic knives in zirconium oxide

We supply knife blades in zirconium oxide ceramics (ZrO2).

Advantages of ceramic knives:

Chemical inertness

Foodstuffs which are cut with a ceramic knife do not react chemically with the blade and are not oxidised, thereby retaining all their positive characteristics. Gourmets confirm that vegetables cut with such a knife retain their natural flavour and original aroma.  


Zirconium oxide ceramic blades are extremely sharp and maintain their sharpness after grinding operations many times longer than steel blades. No scratching whatsoever occurs for the duration of the service life.

Operating characteristics
  • Zirconium oxide blades are easy to clean;
  • Ceramic knives are a lighter weight than steel;
  • As a result of the sharp edge it is possible to cut foodstuffs in extremely thin slices.

We only process wholesale quantities of zirconium oxide blades (from 100 off). We manufacture other cutting equipment in zirconium oxide ceramics on the basis of your drawings.