Seal and regulator discs in high-performance ceramics

We provide various shapes and sizes of sealing elements based on your drawings and conforming to your technical
requirements, in high wear resistant ceramics (ball valves and bridges, ceramic discs) for diverse pipe fittings.

Seal and regulator discs in high-performance ceramics are durable components which are maintenance free. The use of ceramic sealing elements in pipe fittings provides reduced friction, increased corrosion resistance, increased durability, heat resistance and stability. In addition the use of ceramics prevents "sticking" of the sealing elements. Opening and closing forces are reduced and reliability of the fitting increased.

Appliances which use ceramic sealing elements:

  • Water taps;
  • Ball valves;
  • Regulator valves;
  • Stop and regulator valves.

Samples of our products:

Shut-off discs of fittings for sanitary engineering mains:


Ball valves: