Ceramics for the electronics industry (substrates)

We supply carriers in vacuum-dense ceramics in various shapes and sizes and with various grades of surface polish. In addition, manufacturing to your drawings is possible. Where required we can also laser cut the carriers i.e. manufacture different shapes of openings by laser.

Our standard range of products provides the following dimensions:

  1. 60*48*1 mm.
  2. 60*48*0.5 mm.

They are manufactured in material with an Al2O3 content of 94-96% (manufacturing in 99.7% Al2O3 is also possible) and predominantly utilized for mounting electronic components in diverse electronic devices. The surface finish can vary between Ra=0.6 to Ra=0.05. Our carriers are suitable for the application of thick film metallisation.


We are also able to process orders for manufacturing ceramic elements for the electronics industry, including for example insulators and sleeves (with or without metallisation for the subsequent soldering process):